Writer. Teacher.
Corporate Trainer. Mentor.
Event Manager. Anchor.
Avid TravelLer.
Having undergone metamorphosis, the butterfly symbolizes beauty. Geetha's life draws a metaphorical parallel with this phenomenon. Her journey has been one of continuous 're-invention'. Driven by passion, and more often by circumstances, Geetha has had to don different hats. But the one constant in her life has been her positive attitude, making it her biggest asset. Today, Geetha lives a life of inspiration.
Having spent over 2 decades in the corporate world of 'Media Communications', Geetha has conducted training sessions for students and mid-level executives in the space of 'Communication Skills'.
Geetha's proximity to the legends of Indian Classical Music gave her opportunities to organise corporate events. She has worked with the likes of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, Sonu Nigam, Shankar Mahadevan and many other artistes.
Today, Geetha divides her time being a content writer, a trainer, a mentor, and an event manager. Her passion for travel has taken her to many faraway lands and cultures, while her quest for spiritual development has inspired her to pursue 'Vedanta' studies. Her learnings reflect in every aspect of her life.


From time immemorial, ‘writing’ has been a tool of communication. Today, with the availability of so many platforms, ‘writing’ is considered an ‘art form’. ‘What’ one says is important, but ‘how’ one says it, has become equally crucial. The choice of appropriate words, strung into sentences that engage the reader, is the true essence of any written communication. So then, if you have something to say, and need someone to assist you transform your thoughts to words, on any of the following platforms,
Geetha is only a call away.
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    Editing &
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    Social Media

Corporate Life

Sobhagya Advertising Service
Geetha's journey at Sobhagya began in 1985, when she started off as an account executive. She interacted with Chairmen and Managing Directors such as Mr. Aditya Birla, Dr. A. C. Muthiah, Mr. Hrishikesh Mafatlal, and many more. When Geetha moved out of Sobhagya in 2006, she had risen to the post of CEO.
Reliance Industries Limited
Geetha has worked closely with Mrs. Nita Ambani, as the co-ordinator for a cultural project. One of the highlights of this phase was when Geetha got an opportunity to make a presentation to Mr. Mukesh Ambani. The 20 minutes granted to her stretched for over 90 minutes, as Mr. Ambani got engrossed in the presentation, and made it a very interesting and interactive one. 
R.K. Swamy BBDO
Geetha served as a copywriter during her stint here. She wrote for many corporate clients and was also involved in brainstorming sessions for pitches. Penning copy for print and television advertisements, brochures, hoardings, Geetha has done it all.
Kotak Education Foundation
With a keen sense of wanting to give back to society, Geetha's association with KEF began in 2014. She helped establish their communications department, and even started a few initiatives in the space of communications. 

Training & Mentoring

Having spent over 2 decades in 'Communications', Geetha has conducted numerous corporate training programmes. Through her mentoring sessions, Geetha offers her time and guidance to anyone seeking clarity - teenagers, young adults, home-makers, even people facing mid-life challenges.
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Geetha's passion for Indian Classical Music brought her in close contact with many legends. Her ability to maintain a healthy relationship with all of them, drew to her many enquiries for corporate events. She has worked with some of the best artistes, and managed events for some of the leading corporates.

Voluntary Services

As a service, Geetha has audio
recorded many text books for
the visually challenged college
students of this organisation.
Kotak Education
Geetha coaches senior college
students in the area of 'Life
Skills', building their confidence
and making them job-ready.
Chinmaya Mission
(Bhakti Zone)
Geetha is involved with the
planning, communication and
execution of the events. She
even anchors the programs.